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What Can You Do With A Mini?

2011 Foals Page!

Our 2011 foals!
Prices are negotiable, we will give a discount for more than one. Foals are available at time of weaning - if you want a foal saved for you we require a down payment, we are easy to work with and will also take payments or Paypal.

All foals will be registered, up to date on shots, hoof trimming and deworming.

Here are our babies so far:


QtrRaes Mystic Khyanti Dun
Dun Colt

Foaled 4/22/11

Sire - Chianti's Heart
Dam - Bissel Mounds Penny Kay

For Sale - $300.00

QtrRaes Mystic Grace of Boss
Buckskin Filly

Foaled 4/30/11

Sire - L & L Farm Boss
Dam - Tjeerdsma's Cookie


QtrRaes Mystic Auburn Red
Sorrel Filly

Foaled 5/15/11

Sire - L & L Farm Boss
Dam - Annie Red


QtrRaes Mystic Lucky Vegas Jackpot

Foaled 5/19/11

Sire - S-Bar P-S Vegas
Dam - Luckey Laivina Little Sioux


QtrRaes Mystic Dun To Perfection
Dun Colt

Foaled 5/19/11

Sire - QtrRaes Mystic Golds Dun It Perfect
Dam - QtrRaes Mystic Sooti Katrina

For Sale - $300.00

QtrRaes Mystic Dun In Red
Red Dun Colt

Foaled 5/21/11

Sire - QtrRaes Mystic Golds Dun It Perfect
Dam - Mentzer Miss Coke

For Sale - $300.00

QtrRaes Mystic Ima Special Dun Too
Dun Filly

Foaled 5/23/11

Sire - SunRaes White Gold
Dam - East Acres Special Babe

For Sale - $500.00